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Introduction - Navigating Through Great Yarmouth

This is written for the Broads sailor. It contains much that will interest any Broads navigator, but it assumes a level of knowledge and experience and is not focussed on the motorboater. For an excellent guide from the motor perspective, with excellent diagrams and pictures I recommend the guide on the My Norfolk Broads Boating Important disclaimer. I am not an expert at passage through Yarmouth, although I have done it a dozen or more times, These notes are intended to summarise some of the things I have learned and found useful. I have found the instructions contained in Hamilton’s Navigations to be a very good guide, but there’s more that can be added. Moreover, the best approach to some aspects will vary with the weather (wind direction and speed). This is not a decisive document and it is up to the master of each vessel to determine his own best course of action. As a final introductory note, this is written in February 2006. If updated it will be noted here, but please be aware that phone numbers, VHF channels, Channel Markers and other aspects of the river environment can and do change. Explore the chapters below for more detail.