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Living in Spain

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I stsrted a job in Gibraltar in 2018 and chose to live on the Spanish side of the border in La Linea de La Concepcion. Several things led me to choosing the Spanish side:

  • Rental prices are lower
  • Property prices are lower
  • Other costs of living are lower
  • There are better options for buying fresh food
  • A bigger choice of restaurants and bars
  • Easier acccess  to the countryside
  • A very different environment to the one I work in

Gibraltar is always accessible, apart from the current (January 2021) COVID restrictions, but I find life on the Spanish side suits me better. I particularly like the fact that in La Linea, although it is right at the beginning of the Costa Del Sol it is not frequented by British holidaymakers and the expats that are here are generally working rather than being retired or holidaymakers. The expat community is also very international, I have met people from all over Europe and beyond.

I intent to add articles in this section about various aspects of my life in Spain.