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When I went to Hull University in 1974 I had a clear intention to take up a new activity. Touring the Freshers Fair the cavers seemed the most fun bunch to do this with so I duly joined Hull University Speleological Society. (Sadly now defunct). With them I rapidly explored many of the major cave systems of the Yorkshire Dales and a few further afield and took part in a major trip to County Fermanagh in the summer of 1975. I also joined the Moldywarps Speleological Group and got involved in the discovery, exploration and survey of caves in the Northern Dales and other less popular regions. When I later went in to the outdoor industry professionally Caving was my principal activity and I qualified as a caving instructor and got involved in both national administration and the training and assessing of instructors. Today caving is once again just a leisure activity and I haven't been underground for a year or two, but I don't regard myself as having given up. Sometime before long I shall be back underground.