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So Much Has Changed

Boxing day 2020 and two and a half years since my last blog entry. The world has changed in that time and so have my own personal circumstances. at the end of 2016 I finished my final IT contract and started working full time as a freelance sailing instructor. It really was a refreshing lifestyle change. Roll forward to September 2018 and the opportunity arose to work for Allabroad Sailing Academy in Gibraltar. I am still a freelance instructor, although I now work almost exclusively for Allabroad.

An Overdue Update

Eighteen months since my last blog entry. I am slipping!

In December 2016 I finished what will be my last IT contract and am now sailing full time. I have had a very busy and succcessful first season and am half way through a similarly busy second one. Most of what I am doing is instructing, and I am pleased to say that I consistently get good feedback from my students.

I have also been developing my own skills and am now qualified as an instructor in the following:

Classical Music in the Provinces

Last night I went to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in Portsmouth Guildhall for a programme of Mussorsky, Scriabin and Berlioz. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, but it did set me thinking and wondering what sort of future exists for classical concerts in places like Portsmouth.

A Weekend in the Country

Comfortably installed for the annual Febstock weekend with friends. Much beer being drunk. Much good food and good music to come.


I've not done a lot to the site for a while. I really need to find the time. An update on the sailing front is that I have completed my Dinghy Instructor Pre Assessment the other weekend. it was good to be back in a dinghy for the first time in a couple of years, even if it was cold and windy!

Going Mobile

I've added a new theme to the site for mobile users. It should work automatically from a mobile device. There's also quite a bit more content been added.

Another Update

I've added an introductory page on offshore sailing. (More to follow). I've also created a gallery of pictures from the "Three Men on a Boat" Broads trip.

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